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Let’s take pleasure in Mandawa’s unique Holi celebrations.

ndia, known for its rich culture and tradition takes you to the village of Mandawa in which Holi is celebrated with great joy at several courtyards and grounds where young men dances on the tune of musicians and drummers, with many of them dressed in women’s outfit, children and women playing around with coloursand having festival delicacies and what not. Time has changed the way we are doing things than the way they were actually done, but not in Mandawa. The whole celebration of Holi will take you deep into the earliest culture and traditions of the Incredible real India. You can have a lifetime experience of Holi in Mandawa and take a dip in the colours of love and happiness with us.


Gangaur Festival

Experience the joy of Both married and unmarried women coming together to celebrate the worlds first love marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati who won Shiva’s affection and love with her deep devotion and meditation. And after that, Parvati Visited her paternal home during gangaur to bless her friends with marital bliss.


The Festival of Lights - Diwali

Diwali Join us in celebrating Diwali, the most significant festival in India, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Commemorating the return of King Raam and Queen Seeta, we honor their victory with traditional pooja ceremonies and rejoice as the entire country illuminates with sparkling fireworks, spreading joy and positivity throughout.

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Kite Festival

Join us in celebrating the vibrant Kite Flying festival as we spend the day on the rooftop, relishing delicious pakoras, dancing to Bollywood beats, and engaging in exhilarating kite battles, creating a memorable and joyous experience together.